How to Test Shopify Winning Products With Less Than $100

SHOPIFY has been a very critical piece of my e-commerce success. Shopify has helped millions of entrepreneurs like me to achieve financial freedom. This is why shopify is included as a part of my training sessions where we teach you how to setup your own online store along with the optimizations and then managing the store once it is launched.

So this is a simple formula on how I test my stuff I call it the 100 QP test and really in essence what it means is that if I can get 100 qualified people to see or hear or visit my idea I need at least one of them to buy or opt-in or subscribe in order for me to think if it's valid to go onto the next step where you are actually putting some serious cash ok I scrolled on Facebook for 5 minutes and I found this it looks like they are some super goofy subliminal socks even though I'm a nerd and I'm heavily invested in internet marketing I think the easy part of this is getting 100 qualified people the hard part is having an idea worth someone taking out their wallet and giving you some cash or even just getting out an email I'd say within another 10-20 minutes you can get your product up on any website and then the game is about getting the right people those qualified people to that page to see if they will buy or opt-in Google's a great place because when people type into Google because they want to either learn or buy or take action so it's very obvious if someone types in animal feet socks they probably looking for exactly what I'm going to sell them real time analytics for the product that I just launched and everything seems to be going as planned now a few moment later almost 50 clicks into my 100 test and I'm looking ya know oh hey that could be one right there I'm looking really in particular at my keywords and all my keywords seem to be pretty spot on so I can say all the clicks that I've had are accurate let's see I'm going to check that sales ding right now let's see ok cool it was indeed another sale ok check this out and you can see right away that that person also purchased two items so even though I'm selling a item for $I'm having I've had two orders and the first order was at $the second order was $so I'm pumped why I want to share this is because I hear people talk about their ideas all the time but people never taking action this is super easy in less than an hour you can have this up and going and it's been a couple of hours now of having my ads run my pages launched with that spend you can see a little over $400 in sales just with that $97 so in this 100 QP test it definitely passes and it's worth spending more time to invest to try to scale it but let me assure you that I am testing things all the time and most of them don't pass the test but things like this are just goes to show that if you take action even on your dumbest idea you never know if it's worth it or not unless you take that test so 100 QP test if you have questions comment below otherwise keep hustling keep grinding!!

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